Week 5

No teaching this week - but time for you to prepare for the course

The teaching and your role
It is a solid experience from previous years that it is very usefull to most participants to follow the vast majority of teaching-sessions and to be well prepared and active. It is strongly recommended to read and work with the study material given on the home page for the single week.

Lectures will be an element in teaching and shall serve as an introduction to a given topic or a more thorough treatment of a particular detail. The rather small number of students also invites to and allow more discussion in class. Handouts of slides will normally be provided in advance and will be accessible from the Notes-page (see in the menu to the left).

Many examples of pieces of chemistry will be discussed in greater detail most often with a quantitative dimension. These problems and "Case studies" will be discussed in class and the students are asked to be very actively involved in this treatment. All participants will in turn be asked to be responsible for a particular problem or Case study.

More about prerequisites for the course
How the participants are prepared for this course is an important issue to address in terms of prior knowledge and comprehension. You may learn more by looking at "The Course"
    Some of the prerequisites will be elucidated by a number of questions and identification problems (from the bachelor Inorganic Chemistry course. You may practice some of such identification problems by using two different resources:
A simulation of the identification of simple salts (an alkali metal or ammonium salt of a p - block element anion in English , or in Danish and
another simulation (at the moment only in Danish) of the identification of relatively simple compounds containing metal ions ).
You may also check your knowledge about what happens when mixing concentrated nitric acid and concentrated ammonia.
What do you think may happen??    Check out here in English     in Danish

You may have a look at a sketch of the programme for the next week.