What happens if 1 liter of concentrated nitric acid  and 1 liter of concentrated ammonia are mixed ?

This question may be anwered either

in a rather short way (to get the problem solved, to get rid of it, to do what you are asked for, to get on to other business)

or in greater detail (to get insights, to become more experienced, to take the opportunity to explore possible results)

The structure of this problem invites you to use the latter approach.

The question is an open "problem" , which may be visited several times. To get started, below you will find some more specific auxillary questions, which could be solved by means of this interactive programme. Allthough the programme contains some necessary data, the use of personal textbooks, notes etc. plus paper and pencil is recommended.


1 Which safety measures would you take when handling concentrated nitric acid? (You may also look at a free, internet  database on chemicals for sale, also containing safety issues as Medical Safety Data Sheets)
2 If you think that an acid-base reaction may take place, what is the pH in the reaction mixture ?
3 Would you expect a solid in the reaction mixture (at room temperature) ?
4 What is the solubility of ammonium nitrate at 50 oC ?
5 Do you expect a temperature change ?
6 If you expect a temperature change, what would the temperature of the reaction mixture be ?
7 Would a redox-reaction be possible ?
8 How would the mixture look like after such a redox-reaction ?

With such questions in mind you may proceed to the interactive programme.

Have a nice time!