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Some of the lecture notes give further details relative to the textbook and some may summarise certain aspects.
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From "Notes for Inorganic Chemistry" (2014) :
The composition of earth's crust
Appearance of the Elements in nature
How to name elements with Atomic number Z > 100
Some fluorides of s- og p-block elements. (In pdf)
Chloro compounds of p-block elements
Some fluorides and fluoro complexes of the first row of the d-block elements.
Some chlorides and chloro complexes of the first row of the d-block elements.
Typical oxides
Group 2 properties. Symbols in coordination equilibria.
Stability of coordination equilibria.
Introduction to nomenclature of coordination compounds.
How fast and how stable.
Eksperimental D (10Dq)-values for water and mean spin pairing energies for some dn-systems
Some crystal structures First edition. (in pdf)
E-pH diagrams

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