Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes for Inorganic Chemistry

week 6 :
Chromium case
The elements and electronegativity
week 7:
Acidity constants of some organic molecules
Acids and bases
week 8:
Coordination Chemistry: Geometry
How to make a cardboard regular octahedron    and how to fold one in Danish only 
week 9:
Coordination Chemistry: Stability
Coordination Chemistry: Stability Constants Database
week 10:
Coordination Chemistry: Selectivity
"Absorption Spectra" of coordination compounds
week 11:
"Electron configuration" of coordination compounds      
week 12:
Ligand Field Theory
week 13:
Kinetics and mechanism
Alkali metals      Some crystal structures
week 14:
Ni, Pd, Pt      Iron
week 16:
Group 2 and 12
week 17:
First row d-block metals
Group 18:
week 19, 20:  
Group 16: Chalcogens
week 21:
Group 15
week 22:
Group 14
week 23:
Group 3, 13, Lanthanoides

to come: You name it.

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