Jens Josephsen :         Recent work/ senest offentliggjort see also The RU publication register

Torben Lund, Poul Erik Hansen, Jens Josephsen, Niels Jacob Krake and John Mortensen: Solar Energy 189 (2019) 235 (subm. May, publ. September 2019) "Stability of the oxidized form of RuLL´(NCS)2 dyes in acetonitrile in the presence of water and pyridines – Why the Dye-sensitized solar cell electrolyte should be dry."

Jens Josephsen: Inorganica Chimica Acta 478 (2018) 54-58: "Diaminehalogenoplatinum(II) complex reactions with DMSO" (Submitted 29.08.2017. Accepted Manuscript available on-line 28.03.2018)

Jens Josephsen Dansk Kemi 96 [8] (2015) 6-7 :"Det døende kemiske håndværk"

Jens Josephsen MONA 2015 [2] 80-84 Kan laboratoriearbejde erstattes af simuleringsprogrammer?

Jens Josephsen and Søren Hvidt (2015) Experimental Experience through Project-Based Learning, in Chemistry Education: Best practice, Opportunities and Trends (J. Garcia-Martinez and E. Serrano-Torregrosa, Eds.) Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, pp. 489-516

Poul Erik Hansen og Jens Josephsen RucNyt (2012) "Hvordan indgår RUC’s Forskningsbevilling i institutbudgetterne?"

Simon Heilesen and Jens Josephsen Computers & Education 50 (2008) 525-534: "E-learning: between augmentation and disruption?" (submitted, April, 27th 2007, accepted for publication, September, 9th 2007. Available online, October, 23th 2007. )

Simon Heilesen and Jens Josephsen: CAL'07 Development, Disruption & Debate - D3, Abstract Book. Oxford, UK : Elsevier, 2007. p. O80 "E-learning: augmentation rather than disruption" Abstract

Jens Josephsen Tidsskrift for Universiteternes efter- og videreuddannelse nr. 9 (2006): "Netstøtte til undervisning i naturvidenskab - Hvad mener de studerende om netstøtte til kurser med laboratoriearbejde og regneopgaver"

Jens Abildgaard, Poul Erik Hansen, Jens Josephsen, Bjarke K.V. Hansen, Henning Osholm Sørensen, and Sine Larsen Inorg. Chim. Acta 359 [14] (2006) 4403-4502: "Synthesis and characterization of nickel-, palladium- and platinum(II) complexes of three o,o'-dihydroxydiarylazo dyes. Determination of the co-ordination geometry of this comprehensive series of tridentate diaryl dye complexes by combining results from NMR and X-ray experiments with theoretical ab initio calculations" (submitted 4th of May 2006, accepted 27th of May, available online 7 th of June) .

Jens Josephsen and Agnieszka Kosminska Kristensen Chem. Educ. Res. Pract. 7, [4] (2006) 266-279: "Simulation of laboratory assignments to support students' learning of introductory inorganic chemistry." (submitted Feb., 1st 2006, accepted for publication, July, 20th)

Jens Josephsen (2005): "Online simulation of classical inorganic analysis - interactive, self instructive simulations give more lab-time" Paper (pdf) presented at the European Variety in Chemistry Teaching Meeting, Krakow University. Abstract (pdf)

Jens Josephsen and Agnieszka Kosminska Kristensen (2004): "Simulation of classical inorganic analysis on-line
- how do the students react?" Paper presented at the 7th ECRICE, Ljubljana. Abstract (pdf)

Jens Josephsen Chem. Educ. Res. Pract. 4, [2] (2003) 205-218: "Experimental training for chemistry students:
Does experimental experience from the general sciences contribute?"

Jens Josephsen Dansk kemi 84, nr 2 (2003) 34: "Sorte bogstaver og farvet grafik i undervisningen?"

Jens Josephsen Dansk kemi 83, nr. 5 (2002) 37 : "Hvad sker der ved at blande salpetersyre med ammoniak?"

Jens Josephsen and Agnieszka Kosminska Kristensen (2002): "Simulation of classical inorganic analysis on-line
- what do the students think?" Paper presented at the Variety in Chemistry Teaching Meeting, Keele University. Abstract

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Jens Josephsen Dansk kemi 82, nr. 4 (2001) 11: "Det problemorienterede projektarbejde - en iøjnefaldende ingrediens i kemiuddannelsen ved RUC"

Jens Josephsen (2001): "Elements of experimental work in the Sciences.   Which are essential to Chemistry?".
Paper presented at the 6th ECRICE, Averiro. 2001.   Abstract    Paper (pdf)

Jens Josephsen : Der matematische und naturwissenschaftliche Unterricht. 53 [6] (2000) 367-371 : "Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten in den Projekten der Studienanfänger" Abstract   

Jens Josephsen (2000): "Information Technology as a Tool in the Teaching of Chemistry". In: Universities in the Age of Information Technology - Proceedings from the 7th Conference of Baltic University Rectors. H. Toft Jensen and P.Knudsen (Eds.) pp 76-80.

Lisbeth Grøndahl, Jens Josephsen, Rikke Mattsson Bruun, and Sine Larsen Acta Chem.Scand.  53 (1999) 1069-1077:
"Platinum(II) benzophenone imine complexes and the crystal structure of trans-(N,N)-(benzophenone imine)chloro-[2-(1-imino-1-phenylmethyl)-phenylido]-platinum(II)-acetone(2/1)." Abstract

Jens Josephsen (1999): "Elements of Experimental Work in the Upper Secondary School." In: Practical Work in Science Education - the Face of Science in Schools. K.Nielsen and A.C.Paulsen (Eds.). pp 103-111 Abstract   Paper