Scientific Meetings

2023 Emeritus seminar:   22. September, INM, Roskilde Universitet.

Presentation: "Small steps in Deep Eutectic Solvents research "

2022 DUN Special Interest Group seminar:   21. Marts, Syddansk universitet.

Presentation: "Project-organisation and lab-work - a successful combination? "

 2021 Emeritus seminar:   6. Oktober, Roskilde Universitet.

Præsentation: "Ædle metaller og ædle stene"

 2018 Emeritus seminar:   17. August, Roskilde Universitet.

Præsentation: "Platinkomplekser i kampen mod kræft - osv. "

2017 4thEuCheMS Inorganic Chemistry Conference , July 2th -5th , Copenhagen.

Poster: Diaminehalogenoplatinum(II) complex reactions with DMSO Abstract   Poster

2011 IYC Conference for Nordic Chemistry Teachers, October 28th -29th , Stockholm.

Member of organising committee.
Workshop: A white salt like compound – what is it? Abstract


2011 4th European Variety in Chemistry Teaching Conference, September, 1st - 3rd , Bremen University

Presentation:  Simple chemistry Expanded – what happens if…. A little more of that in first year chemistry? Abstract and Slides


 2007 UNIPÆD konference: Kompetencetænkning som fornyelse af universiteternes uddannelsestænkning?  31. Oktober, Roskilde Universitet.

Præsentation: "Kompetencebeskrivelser og uddannelsestænkning på universiteterne: Et spot fra naturvidenskab.


2007 CAL'07 Development, Disruption & Debate - D3, 26-28 March 2007, Trinity College, Dublin

Presented paper:  Simon B. Heilesen and Jens Josephsen:" E-learning: between augmentation and disruption?"


 2007 IMFUFA seminar. 8. marts. Roskilde Universitetscenter.
Presentation: "Eksperimentel kompetence og forskellige faglige synsvinkler" Abstract


 2006 Universiteternes efter- og videreuddannelse. Udviklingsforum. Temadag 28. august. Roskilde Universitetscenter. 
Workshopledelse: "Netstøtte til undervisning i naturvidenskabelige fag"


2005 Horizons in  Hydrogen Bond Research August 30 - September 4, Roskilde University.

Member of local organising committee.


2005 European Variety in Chemistry Teaching Meeting, July, 5-7. Krakow University.

Presented paper: Jens Josephsen "Online simulation of classical inorganic analysis - interactive, self instructive simulations give more lab-time"


 2005 Maj-konference om naturvidenskabelig universitetsundervisning, 19. maj Roskilde Universitetscenter.

Presentation: Jens Josephsen "Tilløb til evaluering af eksperimentel kompetence i naturvidenskab"


2004 ENRECA-project meeting. November, 3. Ho Chi Minh City National University

Presentation: Jens Josephsen: Simple platinum(II) coordination compounds binding to DNA - relevance to cancer chemotherapy"


2004 7th ECRICE, August, 24-28, University of Ljubljana.

Presented paper: Jens Josephsen and Agnieszka Kosminska Kristensen "Simulation of classical inorganic analysis on-line - how do the students react?"


2003 ESERA, August, 19-23. Noordwijkerhout.



2002 Variety in Chemistry Teaching Meeting, September, 9-10. Keele University

Presented paper: Jens Josephsen and Agnieszka Kosminska Kristensen (2002): "Simulation of classical inorganic analysis on-line - what do the students think?"


2002 ECTN Plenary and Working Group Meeting, May, 9-12. University of Perugia.

Presented paper: Jens Josephsen: "A little more interactivity in computer assisted learning material for University Students"


2001 ECTN Working Group Meeting "Multimedia in Chemistry Learning".  September, 15-16. Roskilde University.



2001 6th ECRICE,. September, 4-8. University of Aveiro,

Presented paper: Jens Josephsen: "Elements of experimental work in the Sciences.   Which are essential to Chemistry?"   Abstract    Paper (pdf)