How to arrive at Søminestationen in Holbæk

Dragerup Skovvej 10
4300 Holbæk

We have organized minibuses to pick up passengers. One minibus at Kastrup airport 18:15 Thursday September 29 and one minibus picking up passengers at Roskilde station 18:20 Thursday September 29.

If you have not already done so, please supply your arrival time, so that we may make a distribution list for the minibuses, ensuring room forall.

Passengerlists for the minibusses are now available.

NB! Towels at Søminestationen in Holbæk are not impressive in size. You may consider bringing your own.

Passenger lists : 

From Copenhagen airport :  Wolf Jung, Marc Comerford, Shizuo Nakane, David Hahn, Jordi Canela, Sebastian Biebler, Chris Penrose

From Roskilde station :  Eric Bedford, Eva Uhre, Igor Gorbovickis, Leticia Pardo-Simon, Tanya Firsova, Vahatra Fenosoa Rabodonandrianandraina, Han Peters, Lorenzo Guerini, Carsten

How to get to Søminestationen in Holbæk on your own

If you are not arriving in time for the minibuses, then you may take the train to Holbæk station, where you can take a taxi to Søminestationen. From the airport take first a train to Copenhagen H, the central railway station in Copenhagen and change train to a train bound for either Holbæk or Kalundborg. These trains usually leave Copenhagen H in the direction Roskilde and Holbæk from platforms 7 and 8. Travel time to Holbæk station from Copenhagen H is aprox. 60 min.
For a quick search of trains to Roskilde type in your departure station below, eg KbH for Copenhagen Central (København H) or Cph for Copehagen airport station.

Travel plan for Roskilde st.

Travel plan for Holbæk st.

Follow the link and type in your departure station, e.g. Copenhagen H for Copenhagen Central. Remember to fill-in also you departure time.

If you call us in advance, we may also be able to arrange for a car to pick you up at Holbæk station.

Cell-phone numbers:


+45 2346 2718


+45 2976 6788

Last updated 27.09.16