Carsten Lunde Petersen

Assoc. prof. of Mathematics

CV (November 2017)

On the PLY-inequality (out of print)
Upcomming International workshop:

Holomorphic Days in Copenhagen 2019
June 18--19 2019, at Carlsberg Academy Copenhagen Denmark.

FNU grant:

Holomorpic Dynamics and Orthogonal Polynomials 2015- 2019
Kursusholder på

Fundamental Mathematical Structures (shared with Eva Uhre)

Linear Algebra

Department of Science and Environment, INM
IMFUFA research group
Bygning 27.2,
Tlf. 46 74 20 76
Fax. 46 74 30 20
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Postal address
Department of Science and Environment
Bygn 27.2
Roskilde Universitet
Universitetsvej 1
DK-4000 Roskilde

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