Bernhelm Booß-Bavnbek (alias: Booss-Bavnbek)

For the official university home page with list of recent publications, see pages are created in support of teaching and research on geometric aspects of partial differential equations, environmental modelling, and military studies.

Mathematics and other Matters:

·         Diverse areas of current mathematical interest, exposed in a modest way for friends, colleagues, and a general public

o    Impressions of ICM 2002 Beijing , ICM 2006 Madrid, ICM 2010 Hyderabad (all in Danish)

o    From the Ukraine conflict to the number π: Interview in the Danish Radio P1 (interviewer Dorte Krogsgaard) on π-Day 3/14_15  Link, also (MP3)

o    Symplectic Structures in Geometric Analysis, Minisymposium no. 35, 22-23 September, 2015, Hamburg,

o    Institut Mittag-Leffler, Stockholm-Djursholm, Conference on “Interfaces between Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics" from July 4, 2016 to July 8, 2016.

·         Farewell talk 2014-12-17 Mathematics: Easy and hard - How? (extended slides). Paper of 16 pages submitted to The Mathematical Intelligencer

o    Official invitation

o    Short original slides

o    Talk, unedited (MP3)

o    Transcript (PDF)

o    Discussion, unedited (MP3)

o    Key references

1.      Lagrange Obituary Testimony (edited and commented by Grattann-Guinness), 1814, 22 pages

2.      Booß and Krickeberg (eds.), Mathematisierung der Einzelwissenschaften, 1976, 363 pages

3.      Booß-Bavnbek, On the difficulties of acquiring mathematical experience, 2014, 24 pages

4.      F.K. Kaul, Bonner Stduenten 1969, 1972, 52 pages

5.      M. Otte, Analytische Philosophie - Anspruch und Wirklichkeit eines Programms, 2014, Leseprobe, 36 pages. The full length ebook of 480 pages can be lent at RUb or here (temporarily)

·         Books and Articles

o    Zentralblatt Math Database

o    Zentralblatt Math Didactics Database

o    Math Reviews Database

o    Diabetologia Review

o    Google Scholar (selection) Database

o    Ongoing work (outdated): Books and papers in print

o    Selected old stuff: Favourite books and papers, reprinted

o    Science Citation Index (Feb. 2005) 93 Traces

o    arXiv Here, 21 papers (Aug. 2015)

o    Library Genesis Here , 10 books (Aug. 2015)

Case Global Analysis and Physics (not updated):

·         Index Theory with Applications to Mathematics and Physics on the Occasion of the Abel Prize 2004 for M. F. Atiyah and I. M. Singer - International Book Project (with D. Bleecker) Call for Readers!

·         Spectral Geometry of Manifolds with Boundary and Decomposition of Manifolds, Workshop August 6-9, 2003 (Søminestation, Holbæk Fjord)

·         Spectral Invariants of Operators of Dirac Type on Partitioned Manifolds, Draft (PDF)

·         The Determinant of Elliptic Boundary Problems for Dirac Operators, Reader (PDF)

·         Unbounded Fredholm Operators and Spectral Flow (with M. Lesch and J. Phillips)

·         Aspects of Symplectic Analysis, Workshop March 26-28, 2001 (Karlskrona)

·         Geometric Aspects of Partial Differential Equations, Minisymposium 1998

o    (PDF) Recollections from the Early Days of Index Theory, November 1999

·         PDE Network Seminars, Held at RUC

o    Interplay Between Global Analysis, Spectral Geometry and Mathematical Physics, 17 March 2000

o    Bohmian mechanics , 18 May 2000

o    (PDF) Symplectic Analysis, 25 August 2000

Mathematical Modelling – Assessment (not updated):

·         Schriftenverzeichnis (not yet available)

·         Exocytosis Workshop June 29 - July 2, 2006

·         Teaching Modelling:

o    Suggestions and Links

·         Better Environment by Mathematical Modelling? (in Danish) MILJOESK 19/2000

·         16. RUC-Modeldag (in Danish): Matematiske modeller i kemi, 29. april 2004

·         15. RUC-Modeldag (in Danish): Rumlige modellers anvendelse i geografi og fysisk planlægning, 20. marts 2003

·         14. RUC-Modeldag (in Danish): Anvendt "Anvendt Matematik", 16. maj 2002

·         13. RUC-Modeldag (in Danish): Om organismers og populationers biologi, 1. marts 2001

·         Evolutionary Algorithms Seminar on Evolutionary algorithms and the Knowledge Economy (with Roman Galar and RUC informatics people)


Military and Democracy Studies

·        Politisk disciplinering, Udstilling på RUb om 1970ernes vesttyske Berufsverbot og temadag d. 8. april 2016, klik her

·         Whistleblowing - Safty Valve of Democracy Ellsberg and Grevil at Roskilde University, October 26, 2004.

·         Draft Essay on Mathematics and War for Hutchinson Companion Encyclopedia of Mathematics

·         International Meeting on Mathematics and War, Karlskrona (Sweden), August 29-31, 2002

o    Report for the International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility (INES) by Tine Wedege (Roskilde, Denmark) in English, for Dansk Matematisk Forening in Danish.

o    (with J. Høyrup) Draft Feature for Mathematical Intelligencer in PDF.

o    (with J. Høyrup, eds.) Book "Mathematics and War" (Enlarged Conference Proceedings): Contents, Publisher (search for mathematics and war), and Reviews.

o    Journeys in Neutrality. Travel and Conference Notes by Andrew Hodges (Oxford), click here.

·         Schriftenverzeichnis Militaria

·         "Near-East needs peace", DANISH ACADEMICS AGAINST WAR IN IRAQ, October 2002: Documentation

·         The Kosovo War:

o    NATO's War on Yugoslavia, Proceedings of a Conference Held at RUC, November 1999 (in course of preparation)

o    (PDF) (with Bent C. Joergensen and Rasmus Ole Rasmussen), Facts and Fiction of the Kosowo War: New Qualities of Warfare? (rel. 1.5, date 30 December 2000)

o    The NATO War on Yugoslavia: Reflections and Outlook, October 2000


·         War on Iraq, Hearing at RUC, April 1991 (in Danish)

o    (PDF) (with Sussi Booss-Bavnbek), Fragments to understanding the Gulf War Desert Storm (in Danish, completed February 17, 1991)

·         (PDF) The Booss-Høyrup Study of 1984, published in English in 1994



·         Draft Essay on Tizian\Tizian-in-Augsburg_Beginn.pdf  (status 2. september 2020)

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