Textbook material

Catherine E. Housecroft & Alan G. Sharpe: Inorganic Chemistry.

Here is the publishers announcement of 4th edition.
There is a companion website to the textbook.

Lecture notes are also used (Notes for Inorganic Chemistry 2015; RUC book store) as well as case-studies in coordination chemistry given in problems.
(Problems and case studies in Inorganic Chemistry 2016; RUC book store)

A small book"Inorganic Chemistry" (by P.A. Cox from the series "Instant Notes" from 2000 - Publisher: BIOS) outlines Inorganic chemistry in very short form - 2-5 pages pr "Note" (250 pages in total). This text could be relevant for those who want to refresh basic chemistry concepts.

F.A.Cotton, G.Wilkonson & P.L.Gaus: Basic Inorganic Chemistry is a classical text, dealing with many aspects of inorganic chemistry. "Basic Inorganic Chemistry" has its title, because the yet more classical text by the two first authors "Advanced Inorganic Chemistry" got too large for a rather short course. Accordingly "Basic" doesn't necessarily mean "simple" here.

A very extensive text being more an encyclopedia than a textbook is
Greenwood & Earnshaw: Chemistry of the Elements (1998)
See the publishers description (look under "Author" and write "Earnshaw")
"Chemistry of the Elements" puts emphasis on the chemical properties more than on models and theories. .

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