Laboratory and PC assignments

Exercises in PC-lab on the stability of coordination compounds
PC-assignment with the demonstration of "Stability Constants Database" SCDbase possibly in week 9 in the PC-lab. - whereever that is :-)

Laboratory assignments on synthesis and properties of coordination compounds (The synthesis laboratories, 15.2):

1. Determination of stability constants in the copper(II) - 1,2-ethanediamine system.OK 2017
           - excel template for pK's in the 1,2-ethanediamine system
           - excel template for logK's in the copper(II) - 1,2-ethanediamine system
2. Tris(1,2-ethanediamine)nickel(II) chloride OK 2017
3. Iron coordination compounds in two oxidation states OK 2017
4. Ion exchange separation of chromium complexes and their VIS absorption spectra OK 2017
5. Tris(2,4-pentanedionato)cobalt(III) NOT 2017

The preliminary assignment schedule 2017 is (further details later):
Thursdays 10.15 - 17
March 2.(PC-lab)
March 16.
April 6.
April 20.
May 4.

Reference is also given to the following text:
G.Girolami, T.Rauchfuss,& R.J.Angelici: "Synthesis and Technique in Inorganic Chemistry" (3rd ed)

"Problems and Case studies in Inorganic Chemistry " will be discussed in class; see plan for the single week.

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